Know the Czechs from a Filipino

Redakce Názory, Studentský život

Czechs and Filipinos have obvious differences. Perhaps skin color is the biggest one. Expectedly, there are more than just one. Curiously, there are many differences that are actually similar. Who are the Czechs in a foreigner’s (in this case, a Filipino’s) point of view?

What is going on in Ukraine?

Redakce Názory

In one word, I would call it Revolution. It’s not a fight against Russian policy or for European integration, but it’s a fight for human rights and freedom as a hope to get the future we want. (Even if we don’t have an exact plan at the present moment).With these words, I can represent only a part of Ukrainian population. To make it understandable, this is …

How are international medical students conquering Brno

Redakce Univerzita

Do you think that foreign students are just irresponsible party lovers who do not know what studying is? If so, you are terribly wrong. Ten people from Great Britain, Israel, Portugal and the USA, the board members of Masaryk International Medical Students Association (MIMSA), are constantly showing us that the aforementioned words are just prejudices.